5 Best Malls of Dubai

best mall of dubai

Dubai is rightly known as land of malls as there are so many at distance of 10 minutes. However, these malls are not only to shop, but also to give a cultural experience. People here, consider malls to be a means of sightseeing, entertainment as well as shopping. All malls in Dubai have something unique to offer to visitors such as souks, themes, skiing and ice rinks. When we talk about shopping, almost all the brands are found here including the expensive here.

Given below are 5 best malls of Dubai:

Dubai Mall

This is the largest mall in Dubai covering a huge area. Here, you will get all latest brands as well as some high end brands. Even though you visit the mall for 3 days, you wouldn’t be able to see it completely. Apart from shopping stores, the mall also has attractions such as a small souk, Kidzania, Reel Cinemas, Dubai Fountains, Indoor theme park, ice rink, Underwater Zoo as well as Dubai Aquarium. For Candy lovers and chocolate lovers, there is a huge Hershey’s Chocolate World having all Hersheys products.

Ibn Battuta Mall

This is Dubai’s largest theme mall. It is mainly for celebrating travels of Ibn Battuta, an Arabic explorer who visited several places of China, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa. This mall has 1 court for every reason that has been visited by Ibn Battuta and in all there are 6 courts- Andalusia, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia, China and India. Even architecture shops of those particular countries are present here. Numerous exhibits can be seen here.

Mall of Emirates

Before even the Dubai Mall was built, this mall was considered as Dubai’s 2nd largest Mall. When it comes to shopping, all brands are found here. More than shopping, people are attracted to Ski Dubai. There is an indoor ski resort here where one can play in snow, play with penguins, toboggan, snowboard and ski. A pass has to be purchased as per the activity and after that clothes and gear should be collected. After enjoying the skiing experience, head to Avalanche Café or St.Moritz Café.

Deira City Center

This is the oldest mall in Dubai and the largest mall here. There are several local shops seen here. All big brands are also found here, along with good deals on several ones. One can find many electronic stores here that have some fabulous deals. This is a huge mall and one can find everything that is needed.

Dubai Festival City Mall

Although we have talked about many malls above, this mall is again a worth visit. This is quite smaller as compared to other malls but is the one and only mall having the huge IKEA store along with several other small stores which are not seen in bigger malls.

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