Top 5 Attractions in Dubai

dubai attractions

Are you moving to Dubai or new here? You might be aware that there is a lot to see in Dubai. We have compiled favorite list of best places to visit around Dubai. Whether you are a tourist or a resident, a fabulous itinerary has been pulled out by us with regards to the top and iconic attractions of Dubai.

Burj Al Arab

burj al arab dubaiThis is only 7 star hotel in the world and its design resembles a billowing sail. The height of Burj Al Arab is around 321 meters and it dominates the skyline of Dubai, making it the world’s 4th tallest hotel. It is a majestic building and an iconic symbol of Dubai. Your Dubai trip is incomplete without visiting here. There are several points for photography lovers, but the best one is with public beach, wherein a Dubai shot can be taken with Burj in background. At night, there is choreographed lighting which makes it an impressive sight.

Burj Khalifa

Burj_Khalifa_DubaiThis is the tallest tower in the world and you will definitely feel ‘At the top’. It is the most luxurious hotel in the world. You can get the best experience by going at the top. Since it is located at level 124, it is definitely a highlight of visits to Middle East. The journey would start at Dubai Mall’s ground level and while going up, a multi-media presentation would entertain the visitors about the exotic history of Dubai. Buying tickets in advance is recommended.

Atlantis Hotel

atlantisthepalmislandhovb6This is a majestic resort in Dubai which is located on Palm island. It is known for its ingenuity and magnificent scale. Just as you arrive, no one would stop you from experiencing the luxury and pleasure of this 5 star hotel. In this resort, thrills and relaxation is offered for families and couples alike. Here, you can experience, Aquaventure, The Lost Chambers, white beaches, 18 restaurants, ShuiQi, an indulgent spa and cosmopolitan boutiques.


Global Village

Global-Village-DubaiSince last 15 years, cultural environment has been provided by Global village along with a perfect international shopping experience. Here, you can enjoy mouth watering cuisine, live performances as well as authentic handicrafts. Apart from that, there are several attractions like firework displays, games and thrilling rides. It is open each year from the month of  November to March.

Palm Island

palm-islands-dubaiThis has everything that can is needed for enjoying a perfect holiday. Here, you will find shopping malls, luxury fashion malls, tourist attractions and famous hotels. Whether you wish to relax or enjoy a world of entertainment and leisure, this is surely worth a visit. Here, one can enjoy gardens, pools, spas and magnificent sunsets. Apart from that there are activities such as theme parks, aquariums and water sports.


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